Terms of Use

1. Objetives
CMGD has as main objectives to provide an online platform to research and post temporary job offers in Portugal and worldwide through this webpage, as well as to support the entire process of selection, training and recruitment of applicants.

2. Gratuity of Services Provided
The following CMGD services are considered free:
a) Registry of applications in the database of this webpage and correspondent login for search/modification of personal or application data;
b) Registry of employing entities (advertisers) and correspondent login for search/modification of the data of the employing entity, and search of the job offer(s);
c) Signing up to receive training and job newsletters.
3. Use of Login and Password by Applicants and Employers
Any user can access the job offers database in this webpage only for the purposes of active job search or, in the event of employing entities, to the job offers database. All users signed up in this database commit themselves to fully respect the ultimate purpose of these services (job search/application or post/ad), and take responsibility for the correct use and confidentiality of their login/ password.
4. Duties of Users and Prohibited Uses

The user agrees not to attack nor to unlawfully use CMGD, and shall be accountable and support all costs associated with illicit actions attributed to him/her. Among others, illicit actions are:
a) To access an unauthorized area/account and respective information;
b) To test and assess the system vulnerability and to breach any installed security system;
c) To install, or try to install, a virus in the webpage and its database;
d) To trigger or try to trigger "denial of service"-type attacks.
The user is also strictly forbidden to attempt any commercial purposes, and the marketing of any services or products, as well as trying to obtain any direct or indirect income thereby. CMGD filters all information made available in its webpage. However, it is not liable for the veracity of content of the curriculum vitae and other information that users may place in the webpage. CMGD is not liable for the job offers which veracity and good faith is unaware, although searches for its certification, as it has no responsibilities in the legal relationship that may be established between both parties.

5. Security
Users of CMGD webpage, its newsletters service and future connections to the social networks, state and assure that are perfectly aware of the characteristics and constraints, limitations and flaws of the Internet, namely that the transmission of data and information via internet benefit only from a relative technical feasibility, circulating in heterogeneous networks of different features and technical abilities, which may disturb the access or that may make it impossible in several periods of time. Users acknowledge that any webpage/portal may be subjected to third party intrusion and, consequently, it may be interrupted. They also acknowledge that the information circulating in the Internet is not protected against any deviations, viruses, and that any person may create a connection to access the webpage and/or its elements, accepting to take the inherent risks of these facts. CMGD may not in any case be liable for accidental or voluntary damages suffered by the users and caused or not in the scope of services supplied in this portal or in any other webpage that may be accessed by it. CMGD is not liable by any damages that may have been caused by the use of the service, including virus contamination.

6. Termination or Interruption of Access
CMGD reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the and reserved area, for the period deemed necessary, due to any technical, administrative or force majeure reasons. CMGD it is not also liable for any termination or interruption of access that may occur for any cause to which is not liable.
7. Acceptance and Binding
All users of the services made available in this webpage are bound to accept and respect the conditions herein described.
8. Amendments to These Terms
CMGD reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at every moment, through information to the users by publication in the webpage. Users who continue to use the service after publication of the new conditions fully accept the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.