Privacy Policy

1. Objectives

CMGD has as main objectives to provide an online platform to research and post temporary job offers in Portugal and worldwide through this webpage, as well as to support the entire process of selection, training and recruitment of applicants.

2. Confidentiality

In regard of the objectives of the services herein made available, this webpage collects personal data from its users, which are voluntarily or automatically supplied. The holder of data treatment is company CMGD – Trabalho Temporário, Lda. (hereinafter named "CMGD"), located in Azoia, Edifício Estrela, Frações B e C, loja 3, 2400-823 Leiria, telephone number 244 820 571, fax 244 820 572 and e-mail
CMGD assures to all its users that no personal data shall be given to third parties, with the exception of training or employing entities that work directly with CMGD, with the scope of training or recruiting potential applicants. Thus, no personal data trusted to us shall be given, without previous consent of the owner, freely or commercially, to companies or other entities aside from the ones previously mentioned. Our services will always comply with the Lei de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (Personal Data Protection Law) – Portuguese Law nr. 67/98 of 26 of October.
The failure to provide your personal data may restrict your access to the services provided, namely: posting job offers, signing up of applications or incoming of newsletters by e-mail.

2.1. Personal Data Supplied

2.1.1. E-mail Address

CMGD allows signing up in its webpage for:
a) posting of new job offers from employing entities (companies, associations and entities will be contacted to accredit your post);
b) signing up of applicants and direct application to job offers posted by CMGD;
c) incoming of newsletters (new job offers). Users who apply to a post may also do it by selecting this option while signing up/applying.
Signing up of personal/corporate data for these purposes is effective only after acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. In the case of employing entities, after direct contact by the CMGD services.
When supplying an e-mail address, personal/corporate data are used to send an initial message containing username and password that were registered and, afterwards, to send newsletters and posts concerning applications conducted in this webpage. When clicking in the newsletters links received in the user e-mail, CMGD uses a “cookie” (see chapter 3) to identify you on subsequent visits. CMGD does not send own or third-parties advertisement or commercial messages to the e-mail you supplied. It may do it only for the purposes of training sponsored by it. When canceling the newsletter incoming, the user will stop receiving it because it will be removed from this database.
2.1.2. Job Offers Reply Form

This form allows the user to automatically apply for the job offers in which he/she is interested, also allowing him to attach his/her Curriculum Vitae. CMGD, as the job offer and search for temporary job mediator, uses these same data to contact the applicant throughout the whole recruitment process. This process ends in the eventual hiring of the applicant by the employer. Data are also registered for an eventual contact by the CMGD services as he/she may be a possible applicant for similar job offers, if he/she has not been previously selected.  
If you wish to be eliminated from the database, you may do it through the login in your user area. CMGD reserves the right deactivate an applicant due to an eventual disregard of the formalities inherent to the application, selection or recruitment process, as well as due to the non-compliance of the elements registered in the application.
Data registered in this area shall be given only to the employing entity (employer) in an intermediate of final stage of the recruitment process.
2.1.3. Section “Announce”

This area allows companies (employers) to sign up and post their job offers online. Signing up the webpage is free, and it is always subjected to the validation of data registered by the CMGD services. When validating the job offer, CMGD issues a recruitment service contract. After this contract is realized, the job offer is published and the recruitment process is triggered. 
Sign up data include information and contacts of the advertising company, characteristics and conditions of the job offer and profile of the intended applicant.
After signing up, the employing entity may see and change its data through the login that was registered. It is also possible to see the status of the online job offers through that same webpage login.
All job offers shall only be published in our webpage after CMGD validation. This implies that our services will come into direct contact with the employing entity.

2.2. Personal Data Processing Procedure

Personal data of the users are treated in compliance with legal requirements and all necessary safety measures are taken into account to avoid the unauthorized access, distribution, unauthorized amendment or destruction of personal data. Personal data are processed, manually or by computer/electronic means, by organizational and logical methods strictly related with the stated objectives.
2.2.1. Location of Treatment

Personal data are processed in the data controller headquarters (see chapter 2), but services supplied by Google or other partners may be processed outside European Union.

2.2.2. Personal Data Retention

Personal data are processed at the time necessary for the execution of the service requested and are deleted when the objective for which they were collected no longer exists.

2.3. User Rights

User may contact CMGD by the addresses supplied in order to obtain:
  • confirmation of the existence, or not, of personal data that may concern him/her. In such case, also to confirm if they are stored in the personal data list owned by CMGD;
  • information on the personal data processing terms and objectives;
  • updating of amendment of personal data (that may also be automatically performed by logging in);
  • cancellation of personal data, including deactivation of the newsletters incoming.
3. Cookies

Aiming to provide our users a higher speed and customization of the service provided, CMGD webpage may use a feature of the "browser" named "cookie". A "cookie" is a small text file automatically stored by the user’s computer that allows its identification whenever he/she enters the webpage. However, any user may set his/her "browser" in order to prevent the installation of "cookies" in your computer. Still, some features of the CMGD webpage may not work correctly without the “cookie” installed.

4. Third-Party Connections

CMGD webpage was built for the purposes of boosting employment and training. Thus, the job and training offers herein may be found in other National and International webpages. The establishment of connections from this webpage to other Internet webpages, by a link or a banner, may get you to receive another "cookies". However, CMGD is not liable for the safety and privacy policies, form, content or practices from those webpages.

5. Security

Users of CMGD webpage, its newsletters service and future connections to the social networks, state and assure that are perfectly aware of the characteristics and constraints, limitations and flaws of the Internet, namely that the transmission of data and information via internet benefit only from a relative technical feasibility, circulating in heterogeneous networks of different features and technical abilities, which may disturb the access or that may make it impossible in several periods of time. Users acknowledge that any webpage/portal may be subjected to third party intrusion and, consequently, it may be interrupted. They also acknowledge that the information circulating in the Internet is not protected against any deviations, viruses, and that any person may create a connection to access the webpage and/or its elements, accepting to take the inherent risks of these facts. CMGD may not in any case be liable for accidental or voluntary damages suffered by the users and caused or not in the scope of services supplied in this portal or in any other webpage that may be accessed by it. CMGD is not liable by any damages that may have been caused by the use of the service, including virus contamination.